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Chris Parkerson
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Re: why focus on internal power

Along with this strength comes a compassion and understanding because we are practicing Aikido with a partner.
Having internal strength for the sake of beating another seems to have lost the point.
I could not agree with you more. There was a time, in my youth, that all I wanted to do was to find the secrets of the Indians, Tibetans, Chinese, Hebrew Kabala, Celts, Mayans and even the cult of Mithros for that matter. That was a time when I had the time to do it and I was young enough to remain centered almost solely on my self. There was also no wife, no house, my parents were healthy, and my full time job was a "work-a-day-thing".

Today, I instinctively know that I do not have the time to lead a balanced life and do Martial Chi Gung a la CMA properly. On top of this, I began to take more time in meditation that is more outward than inward.

My meditations tell me that we are currently looking at a world that really needs positive and compassionate energy. The world's political leaders need wisdom to weather a mighty big storm that is breaking "heavy" this year. In fact, watch the storm greatly magnify around March 15 in a very big way. At least that is what I am getting from my meditations.

I am praying for peace....along with my Mayan, Celtic, Hopi, Tibetan, Sioux, and other friends right now. I know our "morphic resonance" joins together in the ether and does more good than what I might be doing for my own body right now.

On the home front, many of our female family members are "stressing out" and even getting lupus, cancers, shingles, strokes, etc. as they go overboard trying to make things right during a time in earth-energy when things just cannot be made right. Other more Yang-energy family members are thinking that they will get through this time by grabbing their shotgun and "can of beans" - ready to ward off the world.

It truly is a time for balance. It is a time for cosmopolitan compassion. My way, (the way I mentioned above) is simply my way. Others must look deep inside and decide their own way. All I would suggest is that they look to find the "balance" in whatever they do. They will know they have the balance when the following emerges:

Goodness, Peace, Joy, Patience, Compassion, Empathy, Transparency, Trust....

Today,we have more connectivity than ever before. because of it, we are also more challenged in how we learn to engage each other. We have built a wonderful "Tower" that connects the world with cyber inclusion, express flights to anywhere in the world, and expatriate work forces that span the globe. Now we stand at the brink of its own potential destruction. What will destroy it? The confusion of our tounges.