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Re: Getting Accustomed to high falls?

There is a classic Judo drill where you get a partner to stand perpendicular to you and hold out the straps of their belt. You reach across and grab the belt with your far hand and take a practice breakfall, using the belt to stabilize yourself. You can manipulate the belt in a variety of ways to simulate different aspects of falling, and having something to grab gives you a nice base to work from and makes sure you always have room to pass your head through.

Protip: partner should turn their head away to avoid getting kicked in the face.

Once you earn your confidence, take the above advice and consistently maintain your relationship to your elbow during breakfall techniques, as that will keep you from getting shredded by dick partners, allow you to hang in there with good partners, and create a healthy environment from which gaeshi waza will eventually blossom.

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