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Re: Where do they have Aikido Tournaments?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
[url]You should also check out the jiyushinkai (I believe they are big in Texas), though I hear they do not compete, they do have a lot of other shodokan methodologies (randori, as opposed to shiai).

Also, Chuck Clark posts here, so you may be able to find his profile and contact him.
Hello Ron,

There are quite a number of aikido dojo in the US connected to the Shodokan organization that do take part in shiai.

Jiyushinkai has a couple of member dojo in Texas but I wouldn't say we are big in a state that is BIG. We have dojo in many other states as well. It's true we don't take part in any sport or tournament activities. We are in no way connected with any of the Tomiki based organizations in the world other than through our history and that we have many friends within those organizations.

I really have no current info on the sport scene within Shodokan other than what I've seen in videos or heard about second hand.

I would recommend anyone interested in kyogi aikido should contact Seiji Tanaka in Denver or Dave Nettles, I think he's still in Denver possibly.

Best regards,

Chuck Clark
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