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Sharon Seymour
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First, go to for lots of game and curriculum ideas.

5-year-olds do indeed learn differently from adults. Children vary widely in their focus and attention span, but generally speaking:

-35-45 minute class length

-activities change every 8 to 12 minutes

-almost any skill drill can be a game

-do teach and expect your standard dojo etiquette. We began class by lining up at the edge of the mat to practice bowing on and lining up, then bowing in formally

-I rely a lot on the aiki taiso movements; they provide a good framework of skills and lend themselves to partner variations

-with 6 young ones, 4 & 5 years old, I found I needed another adult to do any partner practice

-they're little sticklers for routine; don't be afraid to repeat the same class several times before introducing one or two new things.

Have fun!


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