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Re: bokken strike style

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
As I have written many times, each has their own place. Their own context. Their own value within that context. Confusing contexts is what causes problems.

So no, I do not confuse traditional swordsmanship with aikiken. Although I've seen some who do aikiken in a way that I'd say also contains some aspects of decent swordsmanship. But I've also heard any number of people chopping munchkins who claim their aikiken is also good traditional swordsmanship. Which it simply isn't. I have gone to great lengths in this thread to make this distinction. And it still bugs you?

The question is not whether it is koryu or intended to be koryu. The question is whether a specific style of cut is "effective" as a cut with a specific weapon. That answer depends on what you're intending to do. If you're intending to cut something with a sword, no, it isn't. Everything else is perfectly fair game, however.
I will quip, here, that some of us also do not confuse traditional swordsmanship with iaido or battodo.
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