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Re: Sigman Workshop San Francisco Apr 3-4

Blake Holtzen wrote: View Post
I'm curious to what Sifu Chen Bing's response was to your question about jibengong. What did he say?

I thought that I read somewhere that he was a big proponent of zhan zhuang to build awareness of chi. But, I may be remembering wrong.
Yes, of course standing-post exercise is *the* main jibengong, but my question was more or less to determine those other exercises which he considered the most important for someone who didn't do a "form". Most western people who 'do forms' really have spent so much time focusing on 'learning a form' that they forget that the secrets are in the movements and not in the form. It's very easy to spot someone doing a form who has no jin/qi skills and even easier to spot someone who is clueless about how to use the dantien for movements. And so on. So he showed me (starting with zhan zhuang) the series of exercises that he considered to be the most important.

Bear in mind that the basic exercises (jibengong) that he showed were Taiji-focused and that Taiji, while of course being based upon jin/qi, has it's own specific focuses. For instance the hallmark of Taiji is not "fajin" like so many people seem to think, but it is standing and moving with the body like a balance-scale (using jin/qi, of course). So the exercises were along those lines. Very good exercises. There's a discussion about some of those exercises on the QiJin forum, but it would be pointless to write them out here on an Aikido forum (admitted laziness: it would just take too long to write), even though the exercises are probably just as germane and helpful to an Aikido practitioner.

One of the exercises is one that I'd been taught a variant of in Uechi Ryu karate (on Okinawa) and then later also in Xingyi. In other words, some of the best exercises have spread, over the centuries, into being staples of a number of arts.


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