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C.Mac wrote:
I will be entering the field of Law Enforcement after finishing up school this year. So I have about 9-10 months to train before I start. I have been reading up on the arts and have narrowed it down to 2, Aikido or Judo. I like the mind set of Aikido but also can picture alot of "hands on" in the near future. Do you think Aikido (my first choice) or Judo would be better to suit me in my job? this is my first post here so please excuse my sloppy message.

Thank you in advance,
Hi Craig!

I think a good teacher of either art would be beneficial. Certainly better
than no training. In my opinion, aikido would certainly be a good choice. I've taught policemen and prison guards in the past and they have uniformly appreciated the training and how it has helpd them do their job better. The current student I have who is a police officer is no different. For the most part he finds how his attitude has changed and how he responds to situations the most helpful part of aikido training. On occasion he has had to even use techniques (a couple of years ago he even had to take away a sword from a disturbed person who was waving it around - saved the person from being shot). I wish fellow officers were interested in training rather than just relying on him as much as they do. A month ago, he told me a story about how he initially got interested in aikido. An instructor at the police academy he went to (I think near Chicago) told him that aikido was not just another tool but that policework is aikido. I am glad you interested and you might even find it rather fun.

-another Craig
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