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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Gay Aikido People? NORTHEN UK

Did your argument say that all bigotry is the same?
No, it said there are similar componants, and that I've faced many of them.

FWIW, I wasn't thinking about your argument
Ah, that's why I was mentioned my name and a quote from me first...

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Maybe it will and maybe it won't. I say address the problem where it exists...
Which means what, exactly?
It means address the problem where it exists. If all the things in the original example are taking place in a dojo, that dojo needs to be closed down. If the members are simply openly disrepectful of others lifestyles, that should be dealt with by the dojo leadership. If someone is being bullied on the mat, the instructor should be informed and the issue addressed directly. What ever it takes. Doesn't seem like a mystery to me.

Let's assume you're right about that -- I don't think you are, but the point can be argued. If what? Why is it the task of an individual gay person to "address the larger issue in society"?
Why shouldn't they participate in addressing the issue? The issue affects them directly doesn't it? Or should we wait for the government to do it for us? Why shouldn't we actively participate in changing organizations and entities in our own local community (like dojo) for the better?

That person's job is to live their life as best they can, to make their own spaces where they can survive and thrive and stay sane. Why is it the job of the victim of discrimination to "address the larger issue in society"?
Why indeed? So we should sit around and whine for 400 years, but do nothing to change the society that oppresses us? Can't buy that myself. Even if it's only in my own local sphere, I can still work for positive change. Some would say that is the ONLY place you can really make such change.

You don't have to shove your lifestyle down someone's throat. Just stand up personally for what is right.


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