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Originally posted by Unregistered

on the other hand, none of you claim the 'invincible fighting technique' as your motivation though some imply it may have been the hook to get you caught.

now, if this is so, why is there so much argument over which Aikido flavor teaches better killing techniques, or is true budo, or is the "real" stuff, or that Daito Ryu or another Ryu is the "real" thing, or that Yoseikan is the "real" thing or that Ki-Society is for wimps or that Aikido can't be used against "real" attacks or not?
why is there years of bad blood because the claims of who is Aikido's "true" heir?
Sorry but this is the funniest statement I've ever heard. Never have I heard anyone in Aikido claim or be drawn to Aikido because of it's "invincible fighting technique". Perhaps you are confusing ju-jutsu or ninjutsu or WWF with Aikido

It is against Aikido principles to fight. We are all a bunch of "wimps" who prefer to avoid conflict, most of us never had any fight in their lives, those who had got beaten up, and if by any miracle they were not the agressor was not injured

By the way, I like very much the "killing techniques" thing However, it's not the reason behind bad blood between "some" Aikido schools but stupid politics. (Which proves that Aikido does make you a better person untill you reach a certain level, after which you reverse gears and start to go backwards )

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