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I do not dare say...

To whoever started this thread:

Things work differently for other people. I do not dare say that this or that is better for your life or this or that would make you happier or even, if it is your path, a better fighter.

I have chosen this path, because it works for me. I have gone down other roads that leads to nowhere, just because I have nowhere to go to. For me, Aikido have regained my focus. But this is also caused by other factors, such as a good teacher, good friends, a very supportive environment.

At first, I did choose this path to become better at techniques, or as you say become a fighter. But as I have learned, as I have understand better, that was very shallow of me. It is not about techniques at all. The techniques are only methods of learning the actual principles.

We all have our own path to travel, and it is different for everyone because no one person is the same. What is your path?
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