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Hmmmm does Aikido make me a better person? Don't know if it does (if not, the fault lies in me ), but since that's the only reason I do it, I'd be disappointed to find I was totally wasting my time. Bet no one would ever think I hate wasting time...

I get less physical exercise now with the time I give up for class, and never had an interest (still annoyingly don't) in making this about self defense . Signed on three years ago to figure out why my personal life lacked the 'centeredness' that my professional and military life had in overabundance---and hopefully correct the problem. The fact that I am still working on it does not (I hope) mean progress has not been made.

The thing about 'better than boxers or gunmen' might be in error, I think: there are many paths in self improvement, the goal of Aikido is not to make us better than others, but better than we were.
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