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Lynn Seiser (SeiserL) wrote:
It was in Las Vegas this past weekend (9/19-21). 2.5 days, 72 workshops, and 28 demonstrations.

Again, it was great.
and every part of my body is sore.

my ribs are tender, my spine is sore, ,my forearms have lots of tender parts. my legs are fatigued, and don't talk about my abdominal muscles

it was great !

Memorable quotes,

during the first Systema class when we were doing very slow pushups as a breathing exercise, in the midst of grunts, VV often says "it's gooud for you, yes" (Russian accent and half smile)

During Ellis Armdur's Art of Ukemi Class,

"okay guys, don't go butch on your partner"


when we were falling on our forearms,

"it's the cult of Ellis!"

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