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Re: Help! Blackbelts vs Sensei!

I can only say what I do in similar situations. I don't know what you should do in your particular case.

When my partner's rank is more than about two ranks above mine I try to follow their advise, even if I suspect it contradicts what sensei wants us to do.

When my partner and I are about the same rank, I only offer my opinion if my partner seems unsure what to do while I feel fairly sure that I understood what sensei meant. But if my partner urges me to do something in a particular way, I tend to go along with that even if I suspect that sensei wants us to do it differently.

Sometimes sensei comes over to show us again what he wants us to do. Sometimes that's different from my sempai's thoughts as well as mine. Sometimes both our thoughts are besides the point. Sometimes sensei realizes he needs to address some point of confusion to the whole class.

If sensei corrects my partner, I keep a straight face. I don't want my partner to think of me as an asshole.

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