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Re: Help! Blackbelts vs Sensei!

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Hi All,

I only started Yoshinkan Aikido a few months ago but now I'm in a total state of confusion because I don't know if the footwork and posture is important or not. The reason why is because all the blackbelts hold different stances to each other, and when they come to train us whitebelts, they tell us the opposite of what sensei is telling us. Is this normal?

60/40 weight distribution front foot bias
Front foot just off centre (45 degrees too much)
Legs slighty bent and relaxed at the knees.
Front arm out with a gentle curve like a sword, back hand about 4 inches from dantien, both hands spread but relaxed down centreline.
hips forward
Back/head/neck to attention but relaxed as if suspended.

they say 60/40 but put us into a 90/10 because they make us go...
front foot 45 degrees out with knee bent over toe
back leg straight and locked, should be able to lift it (keep in mind a 60/40 ratio is only very slightly off centre and should not be able to lift it)
fingers spread apart and rigid

Watching the blackbelts is also confusing because they don't actually do what they're saying to do. Some have their back hand over their opposite hip, some have bent fingers, some have the lead hand rigidly straight... one blackbelt even has his feet about 4 inches apart pointing in almost perpendicular to one another.

What do I do? I can't exactly say "That's not what sensei showed me".

Help please
I would stick with what the sensei is telling you vs. what his black belts may be telling you and your questions about stance and footwork should be addressed to him, just out of common courtesy and respect. I come from a Yoshinkan background and there is a method that needs to be followed in order to understand the basics to do Yoshinkan.

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