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Re: why focus on internal power

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Your post is a small example of an ongoing dialog I have been having with those who would use the politics of fear to exploit and color the debate about how best to engage with and connect with the "other" in the present world we live in.
Yet Cady didn't make a slam like that to anyone, William. Reminds of the woman who got upset because I didn't see/do what she wanted me to in the Shomenuchi/Kokyunage. Is name-calling not the politics of hate?

So far, I haven't seen a single definition or explanation to back up what anyone means by "internal power".... other than the implication that it means what we want it to mean, it means "the way we do it at our place", and we can assert it's what Ueshiba (or insert your authority-name of choice) wanted us to do.


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