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Re: why focus on internal power

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
The internal power that is discussed in threads about the things Mike, Rob et al.discuss, is a tangible, physical-mechanical process that one trains within one's body. It's "simply" a physical tool that makes the body structurally more stable and able to receive and re-transmit energy from an attacker if one so chooses.

The reason why it causes such a cacophony whenever it hits the forums, is in part because few have been exposed to it and know what it is; because of its controversial presence in Ueshiba's own personal practice of aikido (and how, later in life, he used it to advance his philosophical leanings); and the even more controversial argument advanced by some that it is absent in most present-day aikido, even at the highest levels.

Again, it's not "inner strength" as in personal spirit and moxie, or spiritual strength. It is a basic, physical condition. Additional confusion churns up when the two different things get mixed and discussed together.
I understand Cady and believe me I was not confused. The Martial Way is just one of many "skillfull means" to achieve internal power whereby you can control and retransmit a physical "attack". There are many many others.


William Hazen

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