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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

Yup - there's a bunch at AE - was article in the last newsletter from a gent in the States called Ron Hule. Extract:

CLINICAL MARTIAL ART PROGRAM - Participant questionnaire:

How is this program helping you in your daily life?

This program has helped me to be more content with the way that some things in my life are going. It helps me to understand my feelings and when I'm angry, sad, mad, happy just to be able to sit with it instead of acting negatively on myself, by self destructing. When I first came to Day One (Rehab) I had a lot of anxiety problems and it was hard for me to sit with myself. In this class we do a lot of relaxation meditation also, and that helps me throughout my days with my anxiety. I have anxiety problems, and most people with anxiety problems just have problems breathing. Sometimes it will just be hard for me to not, not breath, if that makes any sense. But, the counting meditation, where you take a deep breath and then count 1, and exhale then breath in and count 2, that helps me throughout my day when I'm having anxiety problems. I use that as a coping skill with my anxiety. Also I do a lot of the warm up stuff throughout the day just to get my blood pressure up and help me relax.

What do you like best about the program and what would you like to see more of?
The thing that I like best about this program is how patient the instructors are and how they never give up on me. No matter how negative I am or the other people in the class are. Ron and Richard are very kind, patient and understanding people. That really do care about their students, and how they can help them develop their skills in Aikido and help them grow. They are positive influences on our lives and help me personally to be more open minded about living a sober life. I really also enjoy the way in every class they relate drugs and alcohol addiction problems to Aikido. And how it can help you get through those cravings.

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