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Greg Jennings
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Kotegaeishi

Chad Sloman wrote:
are you implying that if you apply a munetsuki kotegaeshi to somebody that has no martial art experience, that they will infact go into a breakfall?
Not necessarily, but it does happen. It just depends on the thrower and the throwee.

I wasn't totally green when it happened to me, but I had zero aikido experience.

Myers Sensei asked for a strong, very aggressive attack. Ask Calhoun Sensei what he thinks that would generate from me. If "put his fist through his spine and out his back" or similar isn't in the description, I'd be very surprised.

It wasn't the prettiest breakfall in the world. I landed flat on my back and lay there for a couple of minutes.

As I lay there trying to breathe and determine if anything important was broken, I knew that I'd found someone that could teach me something....

I'll be down there to teach the advanced class some time. Then you'll understand.

Best regards,

Greg Jennings
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