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Kotegaeshi Reversals

Brad Medling (ikkitosennomusha) wrote:
Hi Greg!

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing with us all! I know some about kaeishi-waza (reversal technique) but not too much. Perhaps you should start a thread asking everyone to share one reversal and if enough reply to it, we can build are own little library. Reversal are not generally taught and if so, they are taught to extremely advanved. I don't find an aweful lot of sensei with a great deal of experience with reversal.

Brad Medling
kotegaeshi Kaeshi waza:

1)kotegaeshi into nikkyo (run counter spiral) - from tsuki, when nage grabs your hand, pull it back, drop the elbow and spral it up into nikkyo

2) kotegaeshi into kokyunage (over extend the spiral) from tsuki - just as nage grabs the punching hand, rotate the fist away from the nage; this can catch his center and raise his elbow if he's grabbing strongly, extend out and throw with kokyunage

3) kotegaeshi into iriminage (slip the lock) from tsuki ura version - as nage turns back to apply the lock, slip it by extending your energy out your finger tips; this will rotate the nage into an irimi nage

4)kotegaeshi into kotegaeshi go with the technique and add a spiral) - the sacrifice throw - as mentioned above

5))kotegaeshi into leg takedown (go with the technique and add a spiral) - atemi version w/leg as the strike- mentioned above

These are the ones that I know of. Possibly there are others.

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