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Greg Jennings
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Brad Medling (ikkitosennomusha) wrote:
To Greg Jennings: It does not matter if they break fall or not because if they do, I will go straight into the pin which will be worse for them!
One common "reversal" is for uke to take a breakfall while holding nage's wrist for kotegaeshi. When nage throws you, they throw themselves with kotegaeshi.

Another is to connect to the underside of nage's elbow and take a breakfall. That pile-drives nage's head into the mat.

Yet another common thing to do is to adjust the breakfall to shin kick nage in the side of the head. Not too many people are going to retain their wits or their grip after that.

At any rate, to allow the breakfall, IMHO, is to briefly lose connection. To me, that's not as desireable as having connection all the way through the pin.


Greg Jennings
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