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Nicely done gang. You all have credible replies. I posted this because some say they can which I feel is unrealistic. A person on the street will not know how to break fall from that. I despised watching the Steven Seagal flicks where the "bad guy" always break falls out of it. This had led alot of people to believe that this is how it is on the street. The reality is that the attacker is going to hit the pavent really hard and that is going to be enough discouragement.

There could be some weird exception but not likely. I never say never but for all practical purposes, I would agree 100% with everyone.

To Greg Jennings: It does not matter if they break fall or not because if they do, I will go straight into the pin which will be worse for them!

Just like I wrote a post about people trying to spin out of shihonage, some uke try to spin out of kotegaeishi when they hit the mat before you can apply the pin. To rememdy this, lets brake it down:

From the point where uke goes down, nage will take 2 steps around uke's head, roll the body over and pin. Now, when uke spins on his back before you can do any of that, simply stay in the position you are in with you feet planted and uke will spin exactly in the position you need him to be in to roll his body over. So, the process of taking 2 steps over has been eliminated! Uke does not ever know he has just made it easier for you!!!!!!

Brad Medling
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