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Re: Misogi - The diet part

Misogi and Diet

Shinto ritual and practices have the ability to effect the KI. KI is primal causer…everything is started by KI. The Great Universe is started by KI. Your mood, decisions and actions are initiated by Ki. Of course negative Ki exists but we can purify ourselves to sense Ki and to receive positive Ki. This is the teaching of Sarutahiko Okami, Kami of KI, positiveness, grounding and progress in harmony with divine Nature who along with his wife AmenoUzume no Mikoto, Kami of Arts, meditation and joy form the principal Kami of Tsubaki Okami Yashiro.

We create our world and influence fate through thoughts, words and actions. This is natural law. Misogi Harai, the genius of Shinto offers us the sacred technology to purify negative energies that can be stored in our physical bodies as well as or subconscious.

In the literal sense Misogi Harai refers to the practice of casting off impurities and sharpening our senses and our ability to respond to the Ki of Divine Nature by ritual bathing in a river, waterfall or sea.
In practice Misogi-gyo can refer to a variety of activities of purifying the body/ physiological structure, the heart/ emotional body, the environment, and the spirit/ astral body.

Purification of the physical body involves the literal washing away of external dirt as well as purifying the blood stream (alkalinizing/ yangizing) through diet.

This kind of adjusted eating has the effect of raising the vibrational level and increasing intuition..this kind of grain-based diet rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables was at one time called ‘gyo” and is comprised of the most yang elements of the yin world to centripetalize or yangize our bodies. This diet was popularized in modern times under the name of Macrobiotics by Mr. Yukikazu Sakurazawa (western name: George Oshawa).

Shinto teaches us: everything in Nature is born, matures and perishes---everything has a beginning and an end. To live and grow as the healthy child of Okami we digest well, we are sustained by divine cosmic vitality through the sacred act of eating.

Being alive and being present is easily seen by relation to food-- that which we receive from Divine Nature that directly connects us to the Sun, to the Seasons and to Daishizen no Meguri- the ceaseless movements of Divine Nature/ Kannagara.

It is important to realize that the two most important factors regarding a healthy relationship with the food that sustains our lives are 1) gratitude and 2) appreciation while avoiding extremes.

That being said to move towards a diet based on whole grains and seasonal fruits and vegetables while minimizing processed foods and stimulants would be helpful for almost everyone in general. For those wanting to build the health for themselves and or their families this is essential information. For those on a spiritual path the knowledge of how to refine one’s Ki and establish inner and outer harmony while increasing the ability to harmonize with the ceaseless flow of divine nature is a vital tool…and having access to knowledge how to use food as medicine in case of minor or major difficulties is also important in our current age.

Itadakimasu….All the trees and plants thrive and grow by receiving the blessings of divine solar energy. When we eat these sacred plants we receive the life sustaining cosmic vitality of Amaterasu Omikami. I will humble partake/receive………….
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