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First of all, i'd like to point out that i've only been doing Aikido for a few months and i've only ever taken one grading, so most of the time, everyone is showing me what to do. I have no problem with that, i'm grateful to them. However, last night i was working with an orange belt (4th kyu- I think?) and we were doing shio-nage (sp?) with the Jo. he couldn't get it to work, because he was skiing (sp?) the jo at the wrong knee, and then trying to do it, which meant-this is kinda hard to explain- he kept ending up w/ my arm stretched straight out in front of me instead of twisted up. I said that i thought it was the other knee, and he replied "Don't worry, it's because you're not bending your arm, its what makes women bad drivers." Was i wrong to speak up? And also, should the uke willingly bend their arm?
Thanks all.
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