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Re: It Had to Be Felt #60: Henry Kono: "Yin and Yang in Motion"

The first time I was uke for Henry Kono sensei was at our club in the Netherlands. Later on Henry Kono sensei told me he picked all the big guys on purpose. Not because I doubted his own ability but because he wasn't sure we were willing to listen to what he wanted to teach.

The way of men is expressed through the hands, the way of the universe is expressed through the feed. I have heard this so often I can dream it. Yet it seems to be very hard to do. Right!

You have to be out, out always out. And Henry Kono brought all kinds of devices and gizmos to the dojo to explain to us what he meant. Sticks, wheels, balloons, etc. Adjust your feet, lower your hips, be out. Right.

If you truly want to learn aikido take ukemi. Learn, feel, become sensitive, be out and feel. Don't try to block or do something else, just give your partner ukemi. Right!

You don't understand about Yin and Yang. You can say that again, I am absolutely clueless. I have studied a lot on this and I have some ideas, but for the big part I am still clueless. Right!

Absolute freedom comes from having no choice. Now and again a technique happens, not because I did the technique or wanted to do the technique but because it was the only thing that could happen. It is rare, but when it happens I see the big WTF in their eyes. Not because something was done to them, on the contrary and they are left clueless about what happened.

One of the things I heard Henry Kono express quite often was his hope that one of us would get it, maybe not now but in 20 years and when we then look back we would understand what he was trying to teach us.

I have been his uke in countless occasions. I know what I felt, I saw what he wasn't doing.
I still think about his lessons, because what he taught me is unbelievably different from everything I see around me.

Erik Jurrien Menzel
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