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Re: Aikido and Bushido

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I have no idea if our torture (no quotes, be honest and call a spade a spade) methods have helped in thwarting acts of terror on our soil since 9/11. Unless you're privy to some specific information that you're not disclosing, you don't either. You guess that they have, but your conclusion is dependent on a chain of premises. .
"The waterboarding of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is often cited as one of the major waterboarding "success stories". ABC News reporter Brian Ross credited waterboarding for the crucial information used to avert the destruction of Library Tower."

ROSS: "That has happened in some cases where the material that's been given has not been accurate, has been essentially to stop the torture. In the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the information was very valuable, particularly names and addresses of people who were involved with al Qaeda in this country and in Europe. And in one particular plot, which would involve an airline attack on the tallest building in Los Angeles, known as the Library Tower."

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You continue to cling to your guess, your gut feeling, but the two questions I posed are exactly what you must answer in order for your guess to be anything more than that. You believe that others' being tortured is an acceptable price to pay for making you feel safe; I say I want evidence that such torture actually has made me any safer before I will even entertain discussion on whether torture is acceptable. With regret, I have to say that we're never going to agree on this.
Maybe some of the people in Los Angeles feel safer.


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