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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aikido and Bushido

Hi Brian,

Please don't think that I at least am offended. People disagree on things all the time. My political views, my views on aikido, my views on the world at large are just views. Yours are yours. No particular reason why they should be the same. I have had disagreements on the internet with folks for many years...and then I meet those same people, but we get along wonderfully!

One of the most disagreeable interactions I had on the internet turned out to introduce me to one of Ueshiba's students/teachers! The person who arranged that meeting for me is someone I now hold in very high regard.

I guess I would rarely turn down the opportunity to exchange ideas civilly with other aikidoka...even those with whom I strongly disagree.

Please keep posting...if you believe in what you have written, don't stop because we disagree. If our arguements don't convince you, that is ok. The only thing I can ask, is that we respect each other in spite of our differing opinions.

Ron (find value where you can, leave the rest for another never know where it might lead you later)

Ron Tisdale
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