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Re: Aikido and Bushido

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We've heard rather a lot of this in the past eight years, and IMO not enough of the following two questions:
1. On what basis do you assert that your "whatever" methods are, in fact, what it takes (and, implicitly, that no other methods will suffice)?
2. On what basis do you assert that your "whatever" methods produce a result that "keep[s] America safe"?

Answer these first; otherwise you're just begging the question.
I ask you this. Do you think that our "torture" methods have helped in thwarting acts of terror on our soil since 9/11? I certainly do. and when you are dealing with people that have no regard for there own lives, let alone yours, how else are you going to reach them. I wish there was another way, and maybe there is, and if so i hope we find it. But i am not counting on it at this point. As i stated before war is ugly. And if you ask me, the American military as a whole may be to ethical. If we went into Iraq and Afganistan with all guns blazing we would have been in and out in no time. But we are worried about collateral damage where as no other country would be. Especially the people we are fighting.