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Re: The relevance of origin.

Different people have different ideas of what 'it' is. The IHTBF paradigm...
I do not agree. The last few weeks we (me and my students) have done some extensive research in what George Ledyard was saying about connection, kuzushi etc in seminars about "internal power".
Now, mind you, I have never met him (live in the Netherlands) nor any of his students. Still, we managed to find, at least something, of "it" by studying his video and combine that with our own training/knowledge.
My lineage is Nobuyoshu Tamura, Alain Peyrache. Both teach (or taught in case of the late Tamura) in very different ways than George.
You assess the information you receive be it from your teacher (spoken, felt), other students, video, books.
That is why lineage and understanding the Japanese culture (at least to some extent) is important. You really need to understand the context in which the information was created, if you understand that.

BTW thanx George :-)

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