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Walter Martindale
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Re: Belts sticking out

My first black belt (from judo - it's too small now :-( ) has my surname on it in katakana - so that if it's on the floor somewhere and there are a lot of black belts around, it's not going to be used by someone else.

My current black belt (from aikido) has kanji "given to (my name in katakana), friend/brother" on one end and the name of that dojo on the other end - the dojo gives these to whomever grades to shodan through their training at that dojo.

I tie it the way my sensei - all of them - have tied it - yeah, the ends stick out - who cares? Why would it matter? If a person has a problem with the way someone wears their obi, whose problem is it, really?

Rocky - one of my sensei - said "he's got a black belt - that means you can throw him harder" He also said that if he's got a yellow belt (gokyu) you can throw him harder than a white belt, blue belt (yonkyu, sankyu) you can throw him harder, and a brown belt (nikyu, ikkyu) harder still.
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