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When using the sword (stroking, slashing, stabbing) you multiply the speed of the attack. The "hand strike" cannot ever equal the velocity of the point of the sword.

The defense comes in ignoring the tip of the sword by going inside to the forearm, elbow and shoulder. The fist only attempts to approximate the speed of the tip of the sword.

As such, the elbow and shoulder are stationary. They are true targets that an adept attacks and manipulates.

As such, it doesn't matter how fast or lively the punch comes. What matters, is how one enters to attack the slow moving forearm, elbow and shoulder.

Even more interesting, is that once you "practice" against the sword, your eye becomes attuned to its velocity...and when this happens all punches coming at you are slow in comparison.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
An absolutely spot on perfect description of Shoji Nishio's Aikido Practice Paradigm Thank You Joseph.

William Hazen

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