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2/11/2003 11:16am [from Paul Domanski]

The Aikido Association Atlanta is proud to announce that this seminar in Roswell, GA will be instructed by Haruyoshi Horikoshi, 7th Dan Aikikai. He began training at Hosei University Aikido Club under Sadateru Arakawa (an original student of OšSensei, and is currently 9th Dan and instructor at Hombu dojo). Horikoshi Sensei taught for ten years in Taiwan, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and in California, and is now Dojo-Cho for Horikoshi dojos based in Kasukabe, Japan, located one hour north of Tokyo. Horikoshi Dojo is affiliated with Kobayashi dojos; Horikoshi Sensei currently serves as Overseas Affairs Director for Kobayashi Dojos.
All are welcome to attend. Please go to for more information.
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