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Ron Tisdale
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John Stevens East Coast Workshops

Zen Art/Aikido/ "the Sword and Brush"
A Workshop and Zen Art Exhibit with John Stevens
September 16, 17, 18 at Nakashima Woodworkers, New Hope, PA.

A world class Zen Art Exhibit, a series of workshops, and lectures will be held at the world renown Nakashima Woodworkers property in New Hope, PA.

This program will include Zen brushwork classes (Zen theme of developing through experience.)

Lectures will reveal Zen Art, how technique is integrated into a state of being, and also the Japanese Samurai link between "the Sword and Brush,"

The workshops are open to the public, and will be of general interest as well as informative to the artist, martial artist, and art community.
John Stevens will lecture on this unique, historically significant combination of topics. His credentials are indicative of his extremely high qualifications for addressing the nuances of this subject.

Professor Steven's credentials include: Buddhist Priest; Professor of Far Eastern Religions at Tohoku Fukushi University, Sendai, Japan; Certified Art Curator of Far Eastern Art; Master Japanese Brush Calligrapher; Noteworthy Aikido Historian; Master Aikido Instructor; and Author of over thirty books.

Email for detailed schedule

Ron Tisdale
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