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Re: Looking for college clubs/groups?

Erik Dutton wrote: View Post
Thanks all for the responses! Dan, thanks for the search tip, it's helpful. Dave, we are also planning to look at dojos near campuses... as I said in the original post, it's just another piece of information, but as she's been training since she was 6 and actually enjoys it now, I'd like her to have the option to continue if she wants to. Also, an on campus club is often more convenient than traveling some longer distance...
Hi Erik,

If I may, I'd recommend working backwards in this case. I picked my graduate school based on dojo locations, but I'm in an organization where I actually know every dojo cho (owner of the school) personally, and I knew where to look. What you can do is pick a list of schools that look like they have good programs that your daughter would be interested in, and then go to the school's website to see what kind of clubs they have available. Usually schools have club listings on their web pages as a way to entice people to come to that school. After you get a listing and see an Aikido club, I would then recommend emailing the faculty advisor for that club and making sure that they are still active, and checking affiliations and the like.

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