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Re: Aikido as Sport: Did O'Sensei Condemn It?

Aikido as Sport: Did O'Sensei Condemn It?
Who cares...he's dead.
You can not ask him his opinion. Anyone attempting to speak for him is just putting words in his mouth. He's dead, his technique was flawed and it took several notable students to really refine his idea and promote it further. Most are fluff and some are not. He's dead, he could not teach as is evident with his nonsensical ramblings that are still undecipherable today as when he uttered them. He's dead, given the customs and culture of Japan in the era he lived, formality and etiquette was priority, he was a religious fanatic, who was hypocritical. He's dead, had he lived today, he would have had his ass handed to him by oh-so-many people.

You folks are alive, why worry yourself with what may or may not have been the thought of a man who has been dead longer than some of you have been alive. Go, train become proficient and knowledgable, test your you do not end up just as dead as he is before your time!

Train hard,
Train real,
Train well,

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