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Re: Repetitions scheme

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Personally on partner practice in aikido, I don't like the common left side, right side, left side, right side, switch roles. I learn better if I can do more reps on one side and more reps overall, and if really working on solving a problem or working something out would much prefer left side 4 times, right side 4 times, then switch. OTOH, if I am the senior partner and working on basics with a junior, while I think there is value there too on staying on one side for more turns, I feel it is beneficial for me to stay in the uke role longer and I might do nage once on each side then switch roles and let them stay on nage role for quite a while.
Thanks Janet, I have had my eye on being right side dominate for awhile. I had personal success with that method in other Aikido I like my Left side Irimi Nage as my primary go to, where as on my right side I'll often use ikkyo or kotegaeshi.
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