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Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
The idea that someone is 'preserving' something unchanged from an earlier time and culture makes me wonder if we're living on the same planet.
Dear Mike,
This is a question that needs going into.
When I look at a mountain as a backpacker, I see the slopes and the peaks. A biologist and a geologist will see different aspects. When one looks at a koryu it is the same as for any one else depending on how far one has been in the study. What one then sees changes as one goes further along the way. So in the end, when the next Headmaster looks at the koryu he has taken in charge, what does he see? That Headmaster has been acknowledge for his correct abilities and thoughts after many years of keiko. Is it the same koryu he saw in the beginning?
When you transmit the experience of the founder, do you transmit his achievements or his founding/creating attitude?
If a koryu is considered as a center for sword research, should it come up each year with the same results? or would it present new results each year as would a science research center? Such a research center can produce each year new results and be immovable in its research on its center questions be they mathematical or biological.
One should maybe see koryu as a research center producing new results around an immovable question.
Iwami soke says we have to meet Musashi when we do keiko (practice). The effort to meet Musashi may follow the same path although each one on the same road sees the scenery differently.
There is something that belongs to my century when I practice and there is also something that makes me close to Musashi at the same time (not in terms of being that high level or else).
I think we should come up with questions to be answered by keiko more than with answers all writen down.

If we imitate a technique to the millimeter are we not cheating? If the spirit is in imitating Musashi, did Musashi try to imitate someone?

I believe that Mike and I are on the same planet. Coming up with more questions!

Nguyen Thanh Thien
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