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Re: Ki and Technique...

Michael Mackenzie wrote:

I have heard it posited the O-Sensei, given the times in which he grew up and developed his budo, was knowingly or unknowingly a neo-Confucian first, a Buddhist second, and a Shintoist third.

I await the onslaught of disbelief....

I'm hardly an expert, but I'm curious what the basis for that position is, considering the level of devotion Osensei seems to have had for Omoto-kyo and Shinto mythology in general. Based strictly on that it would seem to me the Omoto-kyo form of Shinto would be better described as his "primary" dogma. I wonder too, how much influence Confucianism has on Shinto and if that is what some people might be seeing. I know Buddhism has had quite a bit of influence and there are very similar concepts such as that of yin and yang which pervade much of eastern philosophy. Are similar inclusions perhaps why some say what you said regarding that hierarchy of paradigms?
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