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Re: Direction for Projecting Energy

Both responses are excellent!

It is good to see that you are still around and still replying to my posts David! Your videos are a very useful reminder of remembering to take uke's balance. Martially, of course, I understand its importance since everything I do as nage is useless if I don't have uke's balance. That is the way my sensei teaches the aikido techniques, but it wasn't what I was looking for because at times I know some things didn't feel quite right; for example, "something" feels stuck at the wrist, elbow or shoulder during nikkyo, resulting in some pain (then tap out), even though the technique works quite well, which means I need to refine things further without the (in my opinion) unnecessary pain.

Jon, that is a very interesting interpretation. I will find ways to let the energy go "everywhere". I had different answers from different people over the years: - let the energy go to the ground, - let the energy spiral, - let the energy be rounded, and the weirdest answer - it doesn't matter where the energy goes. I sometimes seem to let the energy get into me like I absorbed just some of it and it feels uncomfortable. I will do my best to make sure the energy does not get trapped in me and redirect it more properly and more fully. Maybe I should try extending the energy away from myself at the end of a throw/technique and into uke or into the ground (or both?)?

Thanks for both of your detailed and different answers!
Also, merry Christmas if you are still reading this!
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