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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

Igor Vojnović wrote: View Post
And off course I didn't write this anywhere so it turns into a quasi logical bullshit argument on your part. Bravo.
You implied that kicking people in the head and choking them was part of Aikido, by citing fringe examples. Your goal was to contradict the fact that mainstream Aikido has a pacifist philosophy to which it mostly complies around the world. This was a No True Scotsman Fallacy on your part, and I called it as such.

No, it's because you don't know how to properly use them.
Note again - Aikido kneeling pins. Not just "any pin utilizing the knee". For example you could pin someone with Knee On Belly or Knee On Back, which are far more reliable than an Aikido kneeling pins that kotegaeshi or ikkyo end with.

Since you mentioned cops - when a cop is accosted by a violent suspect, ALONE, there's no way they're even going to try using something as fragile as Aikido kneeling pins. Have you ever tried getting anyone who is actively resisting, into such a pin, and holding them there?

The biggest part is the lack of knowledge present in the general population. Like the one you displayed here and on several other posts.
And we go back straight to No True Scotsman fallacy, which you just explicitly used again
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