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Re: The purpose of Aikido?

I ended my aikido carrier same reasons as thread starter wrote about. What does it do to practise harmony, if there is no conflict present anytime during attacks in aikido class? Leads to egoism, delusions by my experience. However aikido has been one of my greatest passions.

I came back doing my own class, which showed some promise. I added some wrestling, sparring, basic punches and kicks to aikido priciples from start. Yes, a student made a spontaneus ykkyo during sparr after two months training.

If trained honestly sparring is required, just my opinion. So, I am thinking more to use modern combat techniques with aikidopriciciples of movement and non-resistance. Standing fighting, ground work, weapons training for it's exellent impact devoloping proper concentration and different distance, timing.

Those would be modeled into those three caregories. No any belt degrees. Boxing and wrestling does not have them, so why any combat art should have any? It's more japanese social code than western thing. Level of skill is anyway obviously seen and respect becomes without any "degrees".

But this cannot be called aikido anymore, or can it? Do I need to invent new/old name like Modern Aikibudo?
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