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Eric Joyce
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Re: Madman With A Gun

Charles David Henderson wrote: View Post
This article seems germane:

Although the assault turned into a gunfight (ah, camping in the Pecos), there was a moment at the beginning when the attacker's gun failed to discharge. In that particular opening, a weapon take-away seems conceivable. Also, in this particular situation, while the campers were able to protect themselves because one of them had a gun, the opportunity to do so was provided by the same opening.

Obviously, each situation will be unique, but in this one there was a moment when the kinds of training people have been talking about could have helped. It also tends to fit David's description above. And it easily might have ended very badly for the campers -- bad enough as it was -- but for a moment of grace.
Interesting story and I really feel for that family. Just goes to show you that something like this can happen anytime and anywhere, even in remote areas where you may feel relatively safe. Crazy people out there man.

Eric Joyce
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