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Re: Madman With A Gun

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Well, no, they're really not, because supposedly this is a discussion thread about how to handle the "madman with a gun" scenario, and you're mistaking what I've said for a hairsplitting digression on terminology. My point is a very simple one, and this is the last time I'll attempt to make it: in order to train to defend yourself, you must first take note of meaningful distinctions between different self-defense scenarios. See? If you are attacked by someone who wants your wallet, that is a different situation from being attacked by a drunk sports fan who doesn't like the cap you're wearing, and both of those situations are different from a disgruntled employee who's after you because you denied him a promotion. Their intent is different, their preparation is different, and what you have to deal with is different. Don't you think your response should also be different -- and, since we're talking about training for self-defense, don't you think your preparation must also be different?
Haven't been following the discussion involving Mr. Burgess. However, to reiterate the thread focus and distinction, you are correct (I added the underlines just for extra emphasis).

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