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Re: ryo-munadori ikkyo?

I've had fun researching several of the questions in your one. Hopefully I'll get corrected if I am wrong on any of this.

Daito Ryu does have an Ikkajo but it is a kata of 30ish very different techniques containing things like Kotegaeshi, Shihonage and many others. Ikkajo to Gokajo are all catalogues of techniques. There are more than five kata, but only five named by number.

Ikkajo and Ikkyo as a singular technique might be an idea that first appeared in the 1950s. Older systems like Tomiki Aikido don't use Ikkyo to Gokyo by name. Omote and Ura as we use them seems to be an even more recent idea. Some names don't work perfectly for all circumstances. The Daito Ryu Gokajo is weapons disarms exclusively to my understanding.

There is definitely a higikime/rokkyo available, just ignore one grip and attack one arm. Difference between Nikyo and Ikkyo for this will be vague, as the Nikyo hand grip will be the easiest to start with but I still see it called Ikkyo...

With Ki-no-nagare, the difference between mune dori and mune tsuki (and a dozen other things) is negligible. Move before the grab, do what you do. Like Uke is grabbing for a breast, radio, or ID badge.

In solid practice, kata dori controls the direction Nage can face, mune dori controls the distance my center can be from the attacker. I was also taught while grabbing mune dori I can try to break the sternum, so always better to be moving. Today, I think ryo mune dori is more common for men attacking women.

I can bring my hands up to the outside with mune dori, with kata Dori I have an easier time bringing my hands up the middle. Atemi to the ribs or elbows, or if they've bent their arms a lot, to the ears. Should be able to kick or bring a knee up.

Basic kuzushi is like a tenchinage, lift Uke's one arm up and pull one arm down but Uke's grip on the low hand fails and finish with the high hand. Or, just lay the one arm over top of both of Uke's while taking the wrist to start the lock - you've got a free hand for Atemi and controlled both of Uke's. If uke sucks his elbows down, take his head.

Ryo munedori usually changes IMO to munedori menuchi (use the striking hand as always for whatever, nice jujigarami, then do Ikkyo when he lets go), entering for a throw (use Maai) or to jujishime style chokes. The choke is handled the same, but the hand on top if pulled down increases the choke; pushing the bottom hand up increases the choke. Lift the top hand and pull the bottom hand down and the pressure on your neck is released. I've done this from being pinned on the floor or against a wall with good results. These work great when held in a confined space. Budo Renshu had a few interesting techniques.

Long winded, but have some fun. With time, you'll find your own stuff too.

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