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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Lots of specific techniques last night...
ikkyo and nikkyo from shomenuchi, ushiro waza and kosa-dori (both with uke pushing or pulling). But at no point did he actually say "This is how shomenuchi ikkyo must be done."

Carsten beat me to the lengthy reply, and did so with great accuracy both in general and in this case in particular.

I dont go to seminars to see and be taught the nuts and bolts of techniques. I go to seminars to see and feel and hear what principles the teacher is exploring that can (or cannot, to be fair) be brought to my own practice, and that my practice is up to me to take responsibility for, as Endo Sensei pointed out last night.

To be clear, this is probably the first seminar that I have attended where I really had no expectations going in, and perhaps due to that I was more open to the possibilities presented over the three classes. Oddly, Endo Sensei did say that being open to all possibilities was overall a good thing, and not just in one's keiko.

Being open....a novel concept for any aikido student

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