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Re: how many back talk would you take?

thanks for all the answers guys.. really appreciate them . okay, this is what happened: Sensei taught us to control and redirect the opponent's attack (uppercut). but instead of doing that, X just blocks the uppercut lightly so that even though I wasn't using anywhere near my full strength and speed, my hand almost reached his chin. I thought it's going to be dangerous if he tries that move with someone using full strength. I thought it was just a simple mistake and he'd realize it soon so I didn't say anything the first time he did that. but it turns out that he's still doing that the when it's my turn again to pair with him (we were in a group of 5 people, and I have shown how it's supposed to be done when I'm tori). that's when I said to him, "maybe it's better to control and redirect the attack like this.." he then quickly dismisses my suggestion by saying (I'm quoting) "if you'd done that, the attacker would've smashed your face".. I was thinking, how would it be possible when I'm behind him and in control of his movements?

so I guess I'll take your advice and not encourage nor avoid him.. what will be, will be. (isn't it que sera sera?) thanks.

@Larry: apparently his cup is sealed shut. if I use force to empty it, the mat will be drenched again and get smelly. the mats already smelled bad enough because of the rain last tuesday

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