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Re: how many back talk would you take?

No doubt this guys need Aikido as much - or even more - as anyone else.

I know it's a pain. During my 15 years in the same dojo (with some pause I'll admit) we almost once threw a guy out of the dojo. He was not good for the wa of our dojo, and he was a bad example for the new students.

As chance had it, he chose to stop by himself and shift into another style. I think that he one some level understood that he was not going to meet a lot of sympathy in our dojo. He stayed for many years though.

I guess my point is, that strange people will join our dojo's, and that Aikido could be what help them towards becomming better people. It has that potential and we all have different starting points. Who are we to drive someone away because we can't handle them? If they are a pain in... well.. uhm.. the neck.. then examine what it is that bothers you and try to embrace them.

It's damn hard.. I know... but its altso a great opportunity for us to train our own ability to handle what ever cards life deals us.

Politely offer suggestions, and if he don't want to listen - accept it and move on. One of two things are bound to happen. Either he will leave one day since "these guys don't know what they are doing, so I'm OUT of here" or one day he will start realizing that he's a pain, and will hopefully mend his ways.

Well.. a third option is that he will just stay the same - but it's not likely unless you give him reason to stay the way he is by accepting his challenges.

Accept - Blend - Forgive

(Once more.. I'ts really really difficult - I know... good luck)


- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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