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Re: How ready should you be for a test?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Daren
Punch the guy on the snitch [in a caring manner ]with a smile on your face?My favourite ploy!!Hows old Kenny R?
Cheers, Joe.
Hi Joe...

Been reading all your posts with interest.

'KR' is fine...been raking in the cash as a doppleganger for ken bates too.

What with that and his winter activities in that fetching red coat he's a busy man.

In between he's found a little bit of time to do some Aikido and kicked my butt at the weekend.

Of course I said Thank you Sensei in a respectful and appreciative manner.



ps. He has mentioned to me in the past that you had a trick or 2 up your can show them to me next time we meet ...preferably on the tatami next time and not in the venue ...that we used in Cardiff
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