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Re: First Strike Philosophy - Sensei Darren Friend.

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While typically a conversation killer, I am not sure Germans (and even many within the party) shared Hitler's real intentions and aspirations, nor would I cast aspersions about a strategic perspective because of a individual who clearly never intended for "peace" as we like to think of it. I think his intentions were probably more along the lines of "For war, prepare for war. But lie about it until no one can stop you" - I don't know the Latin for that phrase. I think your criticism is better-aimed at the naivety of the population in their consumption of that fraud, not the perspective Hitler used to veil his plans. My dad grew up in Skokie, IL, where a lot of Germans moved before and after the war. In their older age, when they would talk about it, a lot of these immigrants expressed true regret about being beguiled by that administration.
Opinions differ about that "beguilement". TRAFOTTR is explicitly talking about highly-placed military officers who actively participated in a program to develop offensive capability in service to a regime that had already announced its expansionist dreams. While it is true that offensive capability has at least the potential (speaking generically) to be used defensively or preemptively, there was not even a fig-leaf pretense of a threat that would justify this. Given that, "beguilement" is a difficult sell.
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