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Re: Where Did Ueshiba Morihei's Training Go?

Hello Mark,

There's a video of Dr. Lee (Tomiki lineage) showing an exercise where two people are at arm's length. Each one has their right hand out, crossing and touching at the wrist.
That is a flow drill, Shotei to be specific, not a "push test". It is comparable to "Tapi-Tapi" in the aspect of tactile sensitivity, except full body. That was the beginner version, there is much more than what was demonstrated in the video you are referencing.

Ever see pics or vids of Tomiki in the pose I mentioned in #1? Shioda? So, why not? What happened? Or did they at some point? They're gone, so we can't ask them.
I have video of Ueshiba and Tomiki in those transitions, not really a pose or a posture, persay. Oddly enough, it is the center and centerline that are being targeted and employed. Believe it or not, those motions are weapons transitons and employment. I read in another thread that the centerline and balance disruption or taking is unimportant in relation to weapons. So, I guess might provide an indication "why" training is not at a high standard elsewhere.

Perhaps things were altered, changed, modified. But, who remembers?
There are many who know, and there are those that fraudulently purport to have been given the knowledge. Those individuals have altered Aikido/Aikibudo by adapting their systems to accommodate their shortcomings. Such is life.

Train well,

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