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Its Tues. and I train. I'll have to respond later.
One of the keys to my broad statements is that I talk about two different topics-sometimes combined into one.
1. Internal skills
2. MMA skills
They are two different things in that you can; practice internal skills and really not give a hoot about fighting, you can practice MMA and not give a hoot about Internal skills.
The two together are a potent combination. Yes, I am confident. For a reason. But, try and remember I have also said repeatedfly that no one and no thing is unstoppable.and no one here is an expert. In the end internal against internal is fun but the end result can be skewed by excellent fighting skills. Fightng skills against fighting skills can be skewed by good structure. Someone may be better at the internal skills but not the fighting skills. Some may be better at fighter but still working on improving the internal skills. God bless the guys trying to do both.
Its just the way of it.
Mike's Tito Ortiz example is my argument-has been for years when I talk about MMA. What is more fun to discuss is the idea of Tito or Chuck with internal skills. Anyone who has trained in these skills who has also been mixing it up and using them has an edge.
Stop thinking I am saying who-is-better-than-who?
I am questioning whether "you can be better than you."
That's the thrust of what I have told you and others in the past. It isn't a game of one upmanship. If I meet anyone better at each individual skill set or at at combining these skills, or just in the way to use these skills in training-I'm all ears. I think its great. Its about the work not the people.
Again there are no experts here. But, fair is fair, if someone doesn't know these skills, they don't know them. I don't see saying that to anyone as demeaning. In fact why care about them at all? If folks think the'yre not important, or important to their field of study.....fine by me. Hit the ignore button. For those who have come out to meet and feel. It appears they-for some strange reason- end up agreeing WITH me not against me.
Strange isn't it?
And if I may belabor the point by saying it yet again. It isn't about me, Mike, Rob, Ark, Gernot, Ignatious or anyone esle. It's about the work and the skills.

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